Saturday, March 7, 2009

OSU Lambing Barn

Grandpa had a great idea today so Sarah, Ali, and Andy came down and we went to the lambing barn in Corvallis. Last time we went Ali was almost a year old. Today we saw a baby lamb that was just born. The mama licked it all off and then it tried to get up and walk. It was wobbly and tried several times to stand up but it kept toppling over finally it stood up. They took the baby away to mark it and do whatever they do. The mama bleated the whole time. She was not happy without her baby. It was really cold so we didn't stay long. We drove by our old house in Albany. It looks the same. Ali remembers the yellow room and the orange carpet. (it was really peach not orange) I'm surprised she remembered so much.
We went home and had hot chocolate, it's supposed to snow tonight.


Mike S. said...

What wonderful grandparents you are to do such fun things with your little guys. We miss you!

John & Sarah said...

Thankth for the comment on my blog