Friday, April 30, 2010


Mandy and Rob had their twins on April 9, 2010. Unfortunately Mandy had to have a C-section.
I zoomed down to So. Cal to help Mandy out.

Both babies were in the NICU for the whole two weeks I was there. Robert Graham in Irvine and Oneta Simone in Anaheim.

The day after I left, Simone was moved to Irvine (which is much closer) and Robert Graham got to come home.

This first picture is me holding baby Simone for the first time. She was so alert. She would look at me and then look at her mom then back at me, then at her mom. She's a beauty.

This picture is of me holding Robert Graham. I had held him before but I must have upset him because he spit up and then cried. It even went in his nose and the nurse had to come and suck out his nose. I gave him back to his mom, and decided to try again another day.

I came home to help Sarah this week. Andrew had a cardiac cath. on Monday and then a surgery on Wednesday. He is home now and doing well. John should be home from Egypt today also. It's good for families to be back together.

For more updates on Andy and the twins, Andrew has a blog and so does Mandy and Rob.

While I was in California, my niece Lauren was married. I was able to attend the sealing in the San Diego Temple. I was also able to help "the amazing sisters" dip strawberries. I believe they dipped 400.
(PS. The amazing sisters are Vicki and Chrissy.)

I also got to hang out with Ashton for a while so his mom could go in and see Mandy and baby Robert. Boy do I have cute grandkids or what?