Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Up to Idaho for Eric's Graduation from BYU-I

Eric's Graduation was really nice. We are sure he

graduated with honors but they didn't have his grades done yet.

Porter was so much fun. He is such a happy boy, especially when his

silly grandma is around. Here is our laughing war. Porter had a new shirt

that said BIG BRO on it. Melissa and Eric are having another baby in

November. It will be my first trip to NY.

Visiting Beth and Georgia

Georgia and her cousins. (Theron, Lincon,Grant, and Georgia)

Georgia with Great Grandma King. She loved the butter mints Grandma kept giving her. She would ask more please in sign language.
Smiley Georgia.
We had fun visiting Beth and Georgia. She is so darling and it's fun to see all the sign language she knows and the words she knows. What a cute girl. We miss her so much.

Lincon and Grandpa King

No need to explain. Just watch this cute video.

Utah/Idaho Vacation continued

Grant and Theron

Their volume control was malfunctioning

April vacation to Utah and Idaho

It all started in Utah. . .

We flew to Salt Lake and we were able to attend General Conference. We also watched the boys so Amy & Stephen could go to a session. Then we had a few wonderful days of playing.

We got to go to Grant's school and he showed us all around. He goes to the library, gym, and computer lab. He is almost done with kindergarten. Next year he will be a big first grader. Here he is at his desk. While we were there Grant lost his second tooth. I took a video of him explaining the whole process.
The boys loved climbing on grandpa. Lincon loves grandpa king. My first grandchild that doesn't love me the best. I guess it was bound to happen.
Amy and Stephen are such cute parents and we had a wonderful time with them.
PS This multiple picture thing has me stumped. Any help as to arranging them let me know.