Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Our sweet Andy at Primary Children's Hospital. It was nice to see him covering his eyes and crossing his legs. These are his regular behaviors which is good to see even when he was sedated. This was after his first surgery and before the second. If you need more information about Andy see the link to his blog. Thanks to PC for taking care of him even if they are "Ute's".
Pile of bowling shoes after Ali's party.
Ali's birthday bash at Boondocks
We went to the speghetti factory in Salt Lake for Ali's birthday dinner. We got to sit in a trolley.

Emergency Trip to Utah

I took an emergency trip to Utah. March 22 thru March 30. Andy in the hospital and no sign of him coming home soon. I thought I better go help out and give Ali a little bit of consistency in her life instead of being bounced around from family to family. Although everybody loves her and wants her. It turned out to be spring break at home so I didn't have any YW responsibilties (that I knew of). I later found out we were in charge of making 250 cake balls for the church prom and they had forgotten to notify us. It also turns out I was there for Ali's Birthday. I got to go to Boondocks with her and 13 friends. It was fun to watch 14, seven and eight year olds bowl. She has a lot of fun, cute friends here already. We went to the Lemmons for dinner one night for Steve's birthday and got to eat a yummy oreo cake that Samuel and Hyrum made. They are the cake bosses. They did an amazing job.

Going home there was an amazing sunset for miles. What a beautiful sight. It reminded me of the scripture, "all things denote there is a God".

I'm home for 9 days and then we are going back for Ali's baptism and then to California for the twins first birthday. Hurray. We will be able to see all our grandkids in the next two weeks except our New York kids. But I already have my plane tickets to go see them in May. Hurray!