Thursday, September 25, 2008

September - Andy's Home

Mike came home from Malaysia with a bad cough and cold. Almost 3 weeks later he still has it.
Ali got sick too so I spent some days up in Tigard with her because she couldn't go to see the baby when she was sick. It was very hard for her. One day she cried when I came and cried when her mom left.
Grandma's do not like this at all.
When Grandma comes there should be joy. It should be associated with fun and laughter. Not Mama leaving and crying.
We are so proud of Sarah and John. I know this has been a hard time for them yet they have been so strong and such good examples. They have bent over backwards to give both their children all they need plus more. I loved going to Sarah's shower and hearing from people in her ward how faithful she is. She goes the extra mile on her callings even when she has a good excuse not to do all of it.
Andrew finally came home. I hope things will settle down for the Love family and they can have a little bit of a breather.
Mike's going to be gone to Malaysia most of October, so I got my birthday present early. He got me a camcorder. I took video and pictures on the day Andy came home. This next week I will try and figure out how to get it on the computer.


The reality of August

Sarah spent all of August making ruts in the highway between her house and the Hospital. Amy, Grant, Theron and Lincon stayed with us, then Kelly and Ashton came. Soon after Loren came and Adam even came for a few days. They all came to give support to John and Sarah. It was a wild a crazy time. I spent a couple of days in Tigard while Amy cooked and held down the fort down here in Keizer. After everyone left, Mike also left for Malaysia. We went from 9 people to just me. It was nice to have time to help Sarah and not feel like I was neglecting Mike. He wasn't home anyway so I spent a lot of time in Tigard. Mojo had several camp outs in the backyard because I stayed overnight with Ali several times.
Andrew continued in PICU and NICU, slowly and surely healing and adjusting to life.
I started several sewing projects and nights that I was home I stayed up and sewed until I could keep my eyes opened any longer. One project was Andrew's bedding. I'll take a picture when it's quilted and add it to my blog.

Mike took the camera to Malaysia so no pictures were taken at this time.

August begins

August began with some sad news. Mike's mom passed away. But we are glad she is up with her husband Grant and two of her children and some grandchildren which have gone before her. She lived a good life and we all have good memories of her. Mike and I flew down to Arizona for the funeral. We stayed with Judy which was so much fun. It was good to see all Mike's brothers and sisters and nieces and nephews and his cousins, aunts and uncles.

The Rest and the Best of July

New Born Andrew John Love
It's always the best to have a new grand baby.
Andrew is #8

Big Sister Alicyn. She is wearing the scrubs that I made for her. On the back of the shirt is says BIG SISTER!!!

Blessing day for Andrew. I had to make his blessing suit kind of like a bib. Because of all the monitors and cords we just layed it over him and tucked it under. **Thanks Bekah for letting Ali borrow your pretty white petticoat.

Mike and I with baby Andy the day before his surgery.

July in Utah

Amy had a MaryKay Convention in Texas. I flew to Utah to watch the boys for the week. We had a fun time. Here is Grant dunking the basketball, Theron using all the stickers in his workbook as tatoo's and Lincon playing in the Cozy Coupe. Lincon's favorite thing is playing outside.

We went to my cousin Laura's house one day to play. Here is a picture of Laura's boys and Amy's boys. I drove home with Amy and the boys. We stopped in Idaho at Bill and Lynnelle's house. Here is a picture of Amy's boys with Bill and Lynnelle's kids and Aaron's son Jared. Baby McKensie and Jakey are not in the picture. Too little for all that wildness. Lincon didn't like me holding the other babies.


Ashton and Ali at the San Diego Zoo

Ali and Ashton at the Beach in San Diego

The Rest of June

The end of June, Mike and I took Ali and drove down to Huntington Beach for Mom and Dad's 50th wedding anniversary.

It was fun to see my Mom and Dad, sisters and brothers, nieces and nephews, some aunts and uncles, some cousins I haven't seen in ages and Melissa and Porter, Mandy and Robert, Kelly, Loren and Ashton. Family is an awesome thing.

What happened to my summer???

It has come to my attention that the summer is over.
Although both my blog and my office calendar are still enjoying the summer.
Autumn has officially come to Oregon. The trees are changing colors and it's a little too cold to leave the windows open at night. We've had a couple rainy days and I love it.

I've decided on an update that will be more of an outline since I'm so far behind.