Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Kitchen renovation

Well, maybe it wasn't quite a renovation. But it took three days to get the wallpaper off. Then I had to prime, texture and paint.
Looking for fabric for the valance was difficult. But I finally went up to Portland and found some that I loved. Of course, I had to take Sarah with me because I can't do anything without her.
Anyway, Here are some pictures of my new and improved kitchen.
Oh and meanwhile, my kitchen faucet broke so I got a new one.
The bad thing... I had been complaining that I wanted a new faucet because the one I had was cracked and it looked old and discolored but it worked (it would choose to spray or stream without me choosing, usually the opposite of what I wanted it to do), but the water turned on and off. Anyway, so when it broke I felt really guilty. But I didn't brake it! Really, I didn't!

Ali's special Day

Friday June 13, 2008 was a big day for Ali.

First she had preschool graduation.
Then we went and got Baskin Robbins icecream.

Second she had her mini olympics and received her first trophy ever. She was so excited and she did a wonderful job. Her favorite part was the floor routine.

After her olympics we all went to Stanfords for dinner. We were too full to have dessert.

Memorial Day Weekend

We went out to the coast with Sarah and John and Ali for Memorial Day Weekend and stayed at a beach house.

The weather was pretty good until Monday morning when we had some rain. But we still had a great time anyway.

Ali and John flew a kite.

We played in the waves. My feet were so cold they hurt. Ali didn't seem to mind at all. We also built a sandcastles. Beware of Grandpas that might kick you in a sand ditch, face first, but not on purpose. One day Ali renamed the beach "The dead bug gallery" There were dead bugs everywhere. It was kind of creepy.

We went to the Aquarium. Ali loved it. Two amazing things happened.

First, we traveled back in time and found 9 year old Adam at the shark petting pool.

Second, we found Ali's identical twin in the shark tunnel.

We had s'mores one night and John's sweatshirt string went right into his marshmallow.

The raccoons were hoping we'd give them some marshmallows. They came up pretty close to the deck to check us out. Check out the backdrop.

It was a great weekend, I wish I had a beach house. But the next best thing is to have your daughter have a friend with a beach house.