Monday, January 26, 2009

Sad Day in Oregon

In memory of our sweet little Mojo
I've posted some pictures I found.
He's been having one problem after another.
He was such a good and sweet dog.
We will really miss him a lot.
Both Dad and I are heart broken.
But all dogs go to heaven right??
I loved that little guy. He was my buddy.

PS - Sorry about the naked picture Ali


The Nielsen Fam said...

what happened? Did he die? Or did you put him to sleep, or run away, or give away?

Atzimba said...

What happened to him? I am sorry nonetheless. We love you both!

John & Sarah said...

i am so sad that it happend.


proudgranny said...

I am so sorry to see that about Mojo. Dogs are truely a part of the family and yes, they go to heaven (I'm taking a Revelation class).
Our Max is just getting over a pitbull attack.
Susan Cochrun

John & Sarah said...

He died. They had to put him to sleep because he was getting so sick. He had a huge tumor (or something) on his stomach and wasn't able to control his bladder anymore. He had also started growling at them and was sort of losing his mind.

He was a great dog and we'll miss him.

John & Sarah said...

I guess its too late to give him a hug.