Thursday, December 18, 2008


We have had some great weather lately. Sunday a storm came in a dropped about 3 inches of snow. Up in Portland and in some of the higher elevations church was cancelled. (They had more snow up there) Our church was not because most of our snow came Sunday evening. So schools have been closed most of this week. Tuesday John needed to get some work done and Sarah was up at the hospital with Andy so I went up and picked up Ali and we decided to have a snow day party.
First we had a meet and greet and found out our favorite things to do and favorite people to spend our time with. Then we made snow angels. Ali giggled and giggled.

We tried to make snow people. Ali wanted to make a snow grandma and a snowgirl and a snowdog. But we couldn't get the snow to stick into balls. So, we made snowglobs. Pictured above is snowglob Ali with her snowglob puppy woofy. It's good I brought out two carrot noses because Ali ate the first one.

Then we came in the house (Because grandma was too cold) and had our Snow Day tea party. We turned on the fireplace and the Christmas lights and had candy canes, mnm's, snack mix, carrots, apples and hot chocolate. Then we talked to Tiny. Tiny is the name of our Christmas tree. Tiny is very smart. She knows words like expand, contract, consequence, and coincidence. Our tree is very entertaining. Although she is very shy. She will only talk when Ali is around. Maybe because Ali hugs her all the time.

Ali spent the night and grandpa took her home on Wednesday morning. We wanted to keep her longer but Andy came home from the hospital on Tuesday night and Sarah hadn't spent much time with her. If we didn't bring her back she was threatening to come and get her.

It was a fun day. Ali and grandma are already planning our next Snow Day Party.

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Guess what? My b-day is next week!