Thursday, December 18, 2008


I forgot to add in a few fun facts from my New York Trip.
Before Melissa went into labor we went to Duff's for dinner.
Duff's is the home of the original buffalo wings. This was Melissa's second trip to this establishment to see if the spicy wings would induce labor. They were really good.
The other tidbit I remembered is we had to try "Beef on Weck". (Very popular with the Buffalonians.) It is actually Beef on Kenniweck bread I believe(I probably spelled it wrong). Kind of like an Arby's sandwich but with better bread and more beef.
Also another fun fact, Niagara Falls is better on the Canadian side. So we brought our passports and went into Canada to see it. The falls actually fall from the US into Canada. I always pictured it the other way around. But it was pretty magnificent.

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