Thursday, September 25, 2008

September - Andy's Home

Mike came home from Malaysia with a bad cough and cold. Almost 3 weeks later he still has it.
Ali got sick too so I spent some days up in Tigard with her because she couldn't go to see the baby when she was sick. It was very hard for her. One day she cried when I came and cried when her mom left.
Grandma's do not like this at all.
When Grandma comes there should be joy. It should be associated with fun and laughter. Not Mama leaving and crying.
We are so proud of Sarah and John. I know this has been a hard time for them yet they have been so strong and such good examples. They have bent over backwards to give both their children all they need plus more. I loved going to Sarah's shower and hearing from people in her ward how faithful she is. She goes the extra mile on her callings even when she has a good excuse not to do all of it.
Andrew finally came home. I hope things will settle down for the Love family and they can have a little bit of a breather.
Mike's going to be gone to Malaysia most of October, so I got my birthday present early. He got me a camcorder. I took video and pictures on the day Andy came home. This next week I will try and figure out how to get it on the computer.


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