Thursday, September 25, 2008

The reality of August

Sarah spent all of August making ruts in the highway between her house and the Hospital. Amy, Grant, Theron and Lincon stayed with us, then Kelly and Ashton came. Soon after Loren came and Adam even came for a few days. They all came to give support to John and Sarah. It was a wild a crazy time. I spent a couple of days in Tigard while Amy cooked and held down the fort down here in Keizer. After everyone left, Mike also left for Malaysia. We went from 9 people to just me. It was nice to have time to help Sarah and not feel like I was neglecting Mike. He wasn't home anyway so I spent a lot of time in Tigard. Mojo had several camp outs in the backyard because I stayed overnight with Ali several times.
Andrew continued in PICU and NICU, slowly and surely healing and adjusting to life.
I started several sewing projects and nights that I was home I stayed up and sewed until I could keep my eyes opened any longer. One project was Andrew's bedding. I'll take a picture when it's quilted and add it to my blog.

Mike took the camera to Malaysia so no pictures were taken at this time.

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