Saturday, July 23, 2011

Two Weeks of Free Play

I had so much fun with the kids and Melissa and Eric. We played outside when it wasn't raining. I brought some of Melissa's old dolls and doll clothes. Adie carried them with her everywhere.

It was fun to watch them play and see their personalities. Adie would ride the rocking horse like a crazy woman. That girl has no fear, and maybe no feeling. She get's hurt alot and seems to only cry when her feelings are hurt.

Porter is a little more careful about things except the slide. Apparently it's fun to go down head first upside down. Or maybe it's fun to see what Gramma's reaction is.

Adie doesn't like her hair fixed because she gets tangles. So I gave her "Punzel Braids". She loves Rapunzel and the movie Tangled. Porter likes to be Flynn Rider. Great, I was stuck with mother Gothel or Maximus the horse.

Porter loves to help. He always is figuring things out and wants to help with everything. Here he is putting the bouncey seat together for Baby Lottie.

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