Saturday, July 23, 2011

Alicyn's Baptism Day

We went to Ali's baptism. Unfortunatly Andy was still in the hospital. Because of a large crash on the freeway some of the family that were coming from the south (or Primary Children's) were late. Also the kitchen sink was clogged and it took the plumber 4 hours to get it fixed. Here is a picture of Ali with her cousins after the Baptism.

Sarah is amazing and fixed Ali's hair so gorgeously. Ali only cried for 20 minutes. (life with curly, tangled hair)

Here is Ali all dressed and ready to go. Hoping her Dad will be home in time to baptize her.

It was a wonderfuly day. Because the sink was clogged and kitchen unusable we went to Granny Annie's for breakfast. You get a humongous scone with your meal. I thought the scone should be the meal. Afterward the baptism we went to Applebee's for dinner. I have learned not to trust the GPS on Mike's phone. It told us it was on the left when it was clearly on the right.

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