Wednesday, December 31, 2008

My Christmas Toy

This is really me. I promise.

Here I am, the day after Christmas up at Benson snow park.

It turned out to be a bummer of a day. I didn't even go a whole lap before the snowmobile died. John finally coaxed it back to life. It barely made it to the trailor. Mike spent the all day Monday trying to get it fixed. I think it's good now. We will go this weekend and try it out. Good news is, I didn't get cold at all. My new snow gear all worked great. Thanks Mike.
We hope this will be a fun activity for both of us to do together.

Here's Mike's Snowbike, which worked fine by the way.


John & Sarah said...

I want to see the video John took of you riding it for the first time!

Chad & Heather said...

Very impressive Bonnie! I have alwayas known you were amazing, but that pic totally proves it!