Monday, December 8, 2008

December is Here

I can't believe that November went by in a blink
I spent most of November in Buffalo New York.
It was very cold and it snowed several days but never stuck for very long.
I played with Porter and snuggled Adie, and shopped with Melissa and did some cooking and cleaning. But it mainly felt like playing.
Melissa and Eric's house is really nice. They have done some nice upgrades to it.
We got to go see Eric's dental School and all his tools and teeth and toys.

When Mike came, we went out and saw Niagra Falls. It was pretty awe inspiring, and very cold.

We had a wonderful Thanksgiving with Melissa and Eric and the Nielsen family.

Friday we got up early and did some black friday shopping. Mike was our driver. He went in to Target but then dropped Melissa and I off at the Mall and picked us up later.

We went and saw "Twilight" in New York. Sarah said not to take Dad because he would ruin it for me. But he was very good. He didn't ruin it at all. Actually Mike really wants to be a vampire now.

Later that day we went out to Palmyra, NY. I'm so glad we went. We saw Hill Camorah. We hiked to the top. As we walked around it was interesting to think that Joseph Smith walked on this Hill and maybe even Moroni.

Then we stopped and saw the Palmyra Temple. The stained glass windows are so pretty. We walked around the whole temple and took pictures. Next time we go I'd like to do a temple session

Then we went to the Smith Farm. Here Mike is standing in Joseph Smith's room in the log cabin. He's standing probably about the place were Angel Moroni was when he talked to Joseph. It's amazing to imagine all those boys in that room and none of them woke up that night while Moroni was there.

We saw the frame home and the other buildings and then walked out to the sacred grove. Although the leaves were gone and there was snow on the ground and it was darn cold, it was still amazing to think that Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ appeared to Joseph Smith right there in that grove of trees.
After that we went to the Grandin Building to see where the Book of Mormon was published. That was a pretty amazing tour.

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Maggie said...

Grant and I got to go there 7 years ago. We thought it was amazing. We went in the summer though so it was a bit warmer :-) My mom's brother was in charge of building the Palmyra Temple. He was the Project Manager for it.