Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Kitchen renovation

Well, maybe it wasn't quite a renovation. But it took three days to get the wallpaper off. Then I had to prime, texture and paint.
Looking for fabric for the valance was difficult. But I finally went up to Portland and found some that I loved. Of course, I had to take Sarah with me because I can't do anything without her.
Anyway, Here are some pictures of my new and improved kitchen.
Oh and meanwhile, my kitchen faucet broke so I got a new one.
The bad thing... I had been complaining that I wanted a new faucet because the one I had was cracked and it looked old and discolored but it worked (it would choose to spray or stream without me choosing, usually the opposite of what I wanted it to do), but the water turned on and off. Anyway, so when it broke I felt really guilty. But I didn't brake it! Really, I didn't!

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The Nielsen Fam said...

what color of yellow did you use? I was thinking of painting our kitchen yellow that way it is a blue/yellow combo that I like.